Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Luxury bathroom project

Are you tired of looking at those amazing bathroom photos online and dreaming that one day you could have a similar bathroom?  If so, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade to your bathroom.  Remodels can be a significant investment, especially if you do a total overhaul of a room like the kitchen or bathroom.  But the cost is worth it in the end… to have that ideal bathroom space you always wanted, not to mention the increase in your home’s re-sale value.

When considering a bathroom remodel, think about it in terms of the scope of the project.

Large-Scope Projects:

The main elements for consideration when it comes to large-scope bathroom remodels include the following:

  • Plumbing (e.g. shower, tub, sink(s), toilet)
  • Flooring and Tile
  • Vanities and Countertops

Changes to these elements usually mean a larger project because they require more cost and labor for removal and replacement.  For example, if you have a smaller bathroom with a fixed tub, and you want to do a shower conversion.  Or, you are replacing your vanity and at the same time you need to re-do the flooring.

Small-Scope Projects:

The main elements for consideration when it comes to small-scope bathroom remodels include the following:

  • Wall color(s)
  • Lighting and Venting
  • Fixtures (e.g. faucets, shower heads)
  • Hardware (e.g. towel bars, drawer pulls and handles)
  • Decorative Components (e.g. mirrors, artwork, accessories)

Changes to these elements are considerably less from a cost and labor standpoint, and can still enhance a dull, boring bathroom into a more desirable space.  For example, you may want to update the look in your bathroom by changing out your faucets and fixtures in the shower/tub.  Or perhaps you want to change a wall mirror to a removable one.

Choosing the Right Materials

Once you determine the level of scope you are going to undertake in your bathroom modeling project, there’s a lot to from which to choose when it comes to the materials and styles.  The choice of materials depends on what look you are trying to achieve in your bathroom.  Is your taste directed more toward modern or traditional?  Do you enjoy the farmhouse look?  Your specific style will help determine the types of materials you may use in your remodel.

One of the easiest ways to come up with your unique style is to pick up a variety of magazines or visit home improvement websites.  Save the photos of things you like in different bathroom pictures.  After you have gone through enough, you will be able to see a pattern in what you like and may even dislike.  These pictures are great for providing inspiration, especially if you are working with a contractor on your bathroom remodel.  The more visual you can get the better to realizing your dream bathroom. Saving photos and ideas will also be helpful when you meet with the design professionals at Prominent Builders and Design.

In the chart below, we break down the large-scale remodeling elements and share a few ideas on the types of materials you may want to consider.

Project Scope Material Examples
Plumbing Large
  • Showers: If you have a smaller bathroom with a fixed tub, you may want to consider a tub/shower conversion.  More tub to shower conversions are using 2/3 glass walls to divide the shower from the rest of the bathroom.  Or, perhaps you want to re-tile the shower and add frameless glass for a cleaner look.
  • Tubs: There are a variety of free-standing tubs available in special resins that carry a clean, modern look.  Or, you might want to consider the old-fashioned cast-iron tub to go with your farmhouse style.
  • Sinks: More bathroom remodels today use under mount sinks, or even trough sinks if you have a longer vanity.  Sinks come in a variety of materials and shapes from stone, porcelain, to glass.
  • Toilets: One piece toilets have become popular and have a sleek, modern look. Toilets can also come in different shapes such as oblong, more rounded, or even squared off.
Flooring and Time
  • There are so many directions to take with flooring and wall tile; especially with color, type of tile and patterns. Do you want a more uniform look or something with a pattern in a herringbone?
  • More remodels use a border listello on the walls in the shower as a decorative component. Listello is typically a band of colored glass arranged in a pattern across your bathroom wall or walls. Porcelain tile is an ideal flooring element for a bathroom due to the exposure to water. Hardwoods are more susceptible to damage over time from water staining and leaks.
Vanities and Countertops
  • Vanities: Today’s bathroom vanities can become an additional piece of furniture for storing clothes, towels, and your bathroom essentials.  You may also want to consider if you want a floating vanity or areas with open storage.  Vanities can come in a variety of solid and manufactured woods.
  • Countertops: Countertop materials in a bathroom remodel range from granite, marble, to quartz. Additionally, there are many man-made materials that cost less than granite or quartz that are very similar in look and also hold up well in a bathroom.

When it comes to the smaller scale items, there are many online resources to help you choose the style and materials that you like the most.  Many times, the finishes of your hardware of fixtures may influence the other elements, such as mirrors and lighting.  Again, our design professionals can provide guidance and assistance in this area.

Whether large or small, a bathroom remodel project is something that you want to get right.  You will live with it for a while and also it may be a determining factor in the re-sale of your home at some point in your life.

If you need help getting started, or want to have professional advice, consider contacting a design expert at Prominent Builders and Design.  We can walk you through your concepts to help you achieve your reality bathroom.  Our construction professionals can then bring your project to completion so you can relax in that brand new bathroom of yours.

Contact us today for a consultation and we can talk to you about how we can help.