Real Estate in Bergen County New Jersey

Bergen County New Jersey is one of the most affluent areas to live within the entire state. There are a number of different factors that have helped this location grow and continue to prosper. The demographics of this area have made if a key area for both residential and commercial growth in recent years.

Commercial Value of Bergen County

One of the most attractive aspects of Bergen County is its continued value as an attraction for commercial real estate and the way it has continued to prosper. The advantages of this area have caused companies to set up shop in this part of New Jersey in hopes to reap a number of rewards.

To begin, Bergen County has been a location that many different retailers have targeted as a place to develop their business. In 2001 Jerry Cheslow wrote an article for the New York Times that presented a lot of evidence for the area in that time. The piece began by looking at the area as a commercial property base and what was helping it stay successful at that time. Continue Reading

Real Estate market in Paramus, New Jersey

As the country continues to work its way back from near financial ruin, the home market is slowly returning to a positive point. The real estate market in Paramus, New Jersey stands as an example of one location that is beginning to show improvement across the board. Multiple news outlets are reporting that this area is showing signs of improvement and uses it as an example to show how the market in that state is continuing to improve.

New Jersey dot com presented a recent piece about how the commercial market is turning around in the area. Multiple locations are experiencing a boom in the purchasing of commercial locations and this city is showing similar signs. This report showed that 15 percent of the commercial property in Northern New Jersey remains vacant, but the area as a whole is experiencing an increase in business. In the first nine months of 2014 this region experienced a 34 percent increase in transactions within the commercial market. Continue Reading