Basement Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling ideas for the basement in a home can be a daunting and exciting project at the same time. The inspiration for ideas can come from a number of different areas. Anytime one takes up a construction project that affects their real estate, there are a number of different options to take. Whatever the final selection becomes, the opportunity to recreate living space into a functional environment has the potential to be an enjoyable experience.


There are a number of different ways that basement remodeling of a new part of their home. Inspiration ideas can include such things as functional spaces, gyms, a study, library and multiple other options. In the end, the solution should come down to the best idea that fits the needs of the home owner. For example, a young family that are expecting a new child may want to remodel their basement into a playroom for children. A single male may think about turning the area into an at-home gym. With so many different projects available, the options truly are endless.

Initial Steps

Before jumping head first into this project, the home owners will need to tackle a few steps. First, they should set a budget for the changes. Basement Remodeling can be a long and expensive project – especially if mistakes are made. This brings up the second step, which is to find a suitable contractor to complete the work. Speaking with friends or family that have had similar work done is a great place to start. The do it yourself route is another option for completing the tasks.

If hiring the contractor then, the best bet is to get multiple estimates. Compare the available prices and the length of time it will take to complete the work. Also, look into any available reviews of the contractor to see what previous clients will have to say about them. Websites such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau provide in-depth information about contractors and their past work.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration for Basement remodeling functional space in a home can be found in many areas. Magazine articles and blog posts are used to chronicle some projects are they are worked through from start to finish. Ideas can also come from family and friends that have completed their own projects. These resources are a great place to start because there is an opportunity to pick and choose what ideas would work best to meet your needs.

The Home Office

One option for a person looking to create new space by remodeling their basement may decide to turn the area into an office. There are a number of benefits that can come from working from home and many companies are providing telecommute options to their employees. Having an area of the home designated specifically for work can help that individual feel comfortable, while being productive. The new basement office would need to have such pieces as a desk, bookshelf and room for technology as needed. All of these amenities can be built directly into the basement using proper planning. With the right vision in mind the office can become a new addition to any home.

The Recreation Room

Inspiration for another idea to remodel the basement can come from any local bar or tavern. Some people have taken to changing their basement into a recreation area that includes a bar style setting. This are can be used to host adult events, family gatherings and any other type of function. The bar would be the main attraction. Home owners can adorn the new addition with a multitude of popular drinks, snack items and anything else they would appreciate. If recreation is the goal then changing around the extra space into a bar would certainly bring the entertainment.

The Man Cave

One of the biggest allures for a married man is to have their own special area of the house. “The Man Cave” as it is called, can become a space for them to enjoy their own personal time. This area of the basement can include everything from video games, multiple televisions for sports, to any other attraction that he may enjoy. As a parent and husband, the male in the household may not get much time for themselves. The Man Cave is the stereotypical way to remedy that problem in any household.

The Woman Cave

But who is to that only the man gets to have all of the fun? Remodeling the basement into a “Woman’s Cave” could be just as enticing. An area that is away from the kids, and every other obligation of the household would be an area that many different women would love to have. This could be a great project for a husband and wife to work on together. Plus, it would surely give him some bonus points with his mate when it matters most.

Children’s Play Area

Remodeling the basement into an area for the children to play is another idea to use the functional space. This room would especially come in handy if the family has more than one child. Instead of struggling to keep the room clear of toys and other objects, keeping everything in this one space would create a sense of organization that is clearly needed. This area would also be used to entertain other children when they come over to play. When the children become a little older, this area can be transitioned to function for other activities such as homework.


Basement remodeling is a project that many people wish to under take. The inspiration for ideas can come from a long list of examples that have been completed with the extra space. That area can be turned into anything from a recreation room to the at-home gym. The entire goal is to complete the work efficiently while managing costs. In the end, the newly-finished area should become an attractive addition to the home.