Floor Plan Choices When Building A Custom Home

Building a custom home can be an extremely rewarding process!  Today’s homeowners who choose to work with a custom home builder get a chance to turn their dreams into reality.  But building a custom home comes with many choices and decisions.  One of those decisions that you need to make early in the process is picking the layout, or floor plan, of your new home.  But with so many options, what type of floor plan should you choose?

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What is a Smart Home?

Most Americans have some type of smart phone which enables them to stay connected to everything that is important to them like the weather, news, and a myriad of apps.  Oftentimes, people wonder how they were able to function prior to smart technology as it has become a necessity for day-to-day living.  Homeowners are discovering ways to integrate smart technology into their homes as well.  In this months’ blog, we examine ways you can add more smart technology to your existing home.

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Replacing Your Home’s Flooring … What are the Options?

Your home’s flooring is one of the bigger investments you can make to not only improve your living experience, but also increase the resale value of your home.  It’s a big decision to upgrade your flooring and one that requires a good understanding of what is involved in flooring replacement.

In this month’s blog, we examine different flooring upgrades, important considerations for this larger undertaking, and ways that each of the flooring changes are prepped prior to installation.
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Home Renovations Can Come With Complications

When most people think about home renovations, they are reminded of the 1986 movie, “The Money Pit.” In this classic movie, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long play a couple who take on monumental renovations of their home. Their experience is nothing but disastrous consequences throughout the project. In the end, the renovations result in a beautiful home but at the cost of the relationship and their sanity.

Real life may not always mimic the movies, but home renovations can come with complications. There are times that during a renovation, your contractor may discover other unknown issues (big or small) that require attention. In this month’s blog, we highlight the typical problems you may encounter during a renovation project and ways to be more prepared for these setbacks.
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Tips to prepare your home for cold weather

With global demand up and production down for oil and natural gas, predictions are that this will be an expensive winter for many Americans.  The high demand and low supply have caused home heating fuel prices to skyrocket, and consumers will feel this in their pocketbooks as they settle into a cold winter.

The good news is that you can take some steps to improve your home’s heating and insulation.  A few home modifications can help to reduce your overall need for heating so that you can better manage your budget.  In this month’s blog, we provide helpful tips to prepare your home for cold weather and keep energy costs down.

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Interior and Exterior Residential Trends of 2022

This past year has been a pivotal year in new home construction.  First, historically low mortgage rates induced many home buyers to take the plunge and get into the “custom build” action.  In addition to the affordability of new home construction, anyone building a new home was most likely influenced by emerging trends from 2020 and the significant worldwide events.  The global pandemic and the transformation of home as a place for education, work, and everyday living has surely factored into the trends we are seeing now and for the future. 
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The major steps you will take on your path to building a custom home – Part 2

In last month’s blog post, we examined the new home construction process.  We focused on the first three phases of new home construction – Design and Planning, Laying the Foundation, and Framing.  Knowledge of these phases gives you the opportunity to better understand how your new construction home is progressing and the role you will have during this process.  In this month’s blog, we discuss the remaining phases of new home construction which are the Open Wall, Drywall, and the Finishing phases. Continue Reading

The major steps you will take on your path to building a custom home – Part 1

Congratulations! You just took a big step and signed the contract with Prominent Builders and Design to move forward with building your new custom home!  Before you get started on the next phase of this journey, it’s helpful to be know what to expect during the various stages of the construction process.  In this two-part blog, we outline the major steps you will take on your path to building a custom home. Continue Reading

The Many Advantages of New Home Construction – Part 2

In Part 2, we are continuing to look at the advantages of new home construction.  In Part 1, we reviewed some questions for determining your overall floor plan and covered some of the choices that you will make with the interior finishes. We will continue with the ways you can make your new home more energy efficient and use technology to support your lifestyle.

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Consider the Many Advantages of New Home Construction – Part 1

If you are in the market for a new home, don’t limit your search possibilities to just existing properties. Existing home inventory is low right now and while new home construction is also in high demand, building a new home gives you greater control in the process and the outcomes. New construction is not only exciting, but it can also be an affordable way to incorporate your tastes and lifestyle into the home of your dreams!

In this first of a two-part blog, we look at the many advantages of new home construction to help you know what to consider and expect during the process.

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