Selecting the interior options and features of your new home

As the new home construction boom continues across the country, more people are getting directly involved in customizing their living needs to closely fit their lifestyles. Assuming you have made the obvious choices of home location, size, and style, you will be faced with several other choices throughout the lifecycle of the construction process. New construction involves a range of selections and decisions and can easily become overwhelming to even a seasoned homeowner.

In this month’s blog, we review the types of choices you will need to make for the interior of your home and we provide you with some tips to help you make more informed decisions.  We also explain our process in working with our clients to help you through this daunting task of selecting the options and features of your new home.

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New Home Plan Trends for 2021

The events of 2020 have certainly shaped our lives in different ways, including the concept of “home.”  Since the beginning of 2020, home utility has evolved into being our workplace, school, gym, and decompression zones.  It only makes sense, then, that the trends are moving in the direction of this new definition of home.

In this month’s blog, we examine some of the new home plan trends of 2021, and offer some ideas on where to get started in the process.  If you are planning a brand-new build or just looking to make changes to your existing home, we review ways to begin planning and executing your new home space(s).

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Spring Forward! Time to Spruce Up

Daylight Savings Time is once again upon us and it is time to Spring Forward!  Now is also the time to start planning how to spruce up the exterior of your home from the cold winter!  Spring is about bright colors, light, and renewal, so why not turn those same ideas into exterior home improvements.

In this blog, we look at projects you can tackle in the next few weeks to revitalize your home and prepare for warmer weather.  We break down some ideas between smaller do-it-yourself (DIY) projects or larger projects that may require the capable help of a contractor like Prominent Builders and Design.

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Important Elements of a Kitchen Remodel

It’s a new year and a great time to set some short and long-term goals for yourself.  While you are identifying your personal goals, why not include some changes in your home as well? In last month’s blog, Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams, we shared ideas on how to get started with a bathroom remodel.  We reviewed key components of a large or small bathroom remodel project, along with the various materials to consider. Continue Reading

Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Are you tired of looking at those amazing bathroom photos online and dreaming that one day you could have a similar bathroom?  If so, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade to your bathroom.  Remodels can be a significant investment, especially if you do a total overhaul of a room like the kitchen or bathroom.  But the cost is worth it in the end… to have that ideal bathroom space you always wanted, not to mention the increase in your home’s re-sale value. Continue Reading

The Best Fall and Winter Projects Using a Contractor

If the change of seasons has you itching for some changes in your home, you may want to start planning a remodeling project as we move into Fall and Winter.  Why is that?  A majority of homeowners usually tackle remodeling projects in the warmer months, however, contractor availability and costs tend to be much lower as cooler temperatures approach.  There is a distinct advantage in pursuing remodeling projects at the close of each calendar year.       Continue Reading

Was your utility bill a bit higher over the summer?

As most Americans spent the majority of their time working, schooling, and living from home during the last few months, this increased the demand on their utility needs. The increased demand, along with raising rates and warmer temperatures means more is coming out of your wallet.

If you are like most people who like to pay less on their bills, you may want to consider ways to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. Right now is a good time to think about some changes, especially with winter around the corner.
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Fall – A Time for Winterizing and Remodeling

In a short time, the familiar smells of Fall will be in the air along with cooler temperatures.  If you have not taken advantage of the extra time at home this summer to keep up your home and living spaces, now is the time to be thinking of how you can get your home ready for the change of seasons. In this month’s blog, we share some “do it yourself” ideas on preparing your home for the Fall season.  We also cover a few considerations for upgrading and improving your home with the help from qualified professionals, like those with Prominent Builders and Design.
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Preparing for the Big Renovation

There is nothing more exciting than a finished renovation project in your home.  Whether it is an updated bathroom, or a full kitchen remodel, stepping into the newly renovated space is a great feeling!  But keep in mind, the journey to the final product is not always as easy as the finished masterpiece.

In this month’s blog, we cover how you can prepare for an upcoming home renovation project.  Not only are there important considerations for physically preparing for the renovation project, but you may also want to think about your emotional and mental preparation.  We will explain that later.

First, let’s talk about the things that you need to do to physically prepare for the remodel.
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Outdoor Living Spaces Part 2: Patios

In last month’s blog, we focused on outdoor living spaces and examined options for creating your ideal deck.  This month’s blog continues the outdoor living spaces series and looks at building the ultimate patio.  We provide a review of the materials you can use for creating your outdoor patio space. Continue Reading