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Mahwah Home Improvement Projects Done by Professionals

When you walk into your home, how do you feel about it? Do you love the floor plan, or are there changes you would like to make? Home renovation doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when working with the Bergen County, NJ, home improvement contractors from Prominent Builders and Design. The simplest way to transform your home in Mahwah is with a kitchen redesign or a bathroom remodeling.

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A custom renovated bathroom with a standing shower and a glass door in Mahway, New Jersey.

The Right Contractor Can Make Remodeling Your Bathroom a Positive Experience

Renovation projects always run smoother when there is a solid plan in place. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any obstacles to overcome. Some permitting delays or unexpected repairs may need to be made. The key is to hire home improvement professionals who work closely and communicate with you all along the way.

Bathroom remodeling projects fall into two categories: large and small. The larger projects typically include plumbing work to replace showers, tubs, sinks and toilets. You may also want to change out vanities and countertops along with flooring and tile in your bathroom. Remodeling can also take on a smaller scope redoing lighting and venting, changing out fixtures and replacing hardware.

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Essential Considerations for Remodeling a Kitchen

If polled, most people would say that the kitchen is the most-used room in their home. And why not? It’s the room where the family gathers and most day-to-day activities take place. A kitchen remodeling project is significant, but it can increase the value of your home in Mahway! It’s also well worth the effort once you are cooking and entertaining in your new space. The primary elements to consider in any kitchen remodeling project include appliances, flooring, cabinetry, countertops and additional plumbing or electric needs. If it seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Our design professionals can assist in each stage of the renovation project.

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