The Top Residential Home Construction Trends for 2018

Are you someone who likes to follow trends? If so, you may have noticed that trends relating to residential home construction have changed very rapidly. Much of the flurry is related to today’s lifestyle preferences and are geared toward greater comfort and functionality. Here are some of the top trends we are seeing in the residential construction arena.

Kitchen Enhancements Lead the List of Trends

According to the American Institute for Architects (AIA), there is a continuing demand for new kitchen and bathroom products and features. Click here to read the AIA’s press release on their Home Design Trends Survey.

Much of the focus in residential home construction is continuing on creating kitchens with a more open-space concept. Do you enjoy entertaining and cooking for your family and friends when they come to visit? You most likely will appreciate a kitchen that integrates the family living space.

Modern, spacious open, high-end kitchens from Prominent Builders NJ
Equally in demand is the desire for multiple kitchens, specifically outdoor kitchens but also spice kitchens. The outdoor trend falls in line with the desire to better merge family and cooking areas, while spice kitchens are gaining popularity because of cultural cooking needs.

When it comes to features within the kitchens… butler’s pantries, double islands and wine storage top the list. Integrating technology into computer work spaces and smart appliances has also been growing in popularity. The concept is to create a kitchen space that is functional and efficient.

Bathrooms are High on the List of Trends

What does your dream bathroom look like? The trend for bathrooms in residential home construction is not so much centered on the number you have in your home, but in the actual bathroom size. Big tubs are not as popular now and are being replaced by larger showers with enhanced features like seats, shelving, and steam features, to name a few. Some homeowners are eliminating tubs from their master bathrooms entirely. Will this be a trend that continues? Time will tell.

Comfort and accessibility within the bathroom are high on the list for many homeowners. Popular bathroom products and design features include larger walk-in showers that are doorless and have no threshold. Heated floors are also another top request among homeowners when it comes to building a home or renovation a bathroom space.
Luxury features including large showers and enhanced lighting and storage built by Prominent Builders NJ

Renovations, Additions and Multi-Generational Living Spaces

As of late, homeowners are deciding to renovate or construct additions onto their homes. Kitchens and bathrooms are at the top of the list when it comes to renovations. Additions have also gained popularity. This trend seems to be fueled by the desire to increase living space to allow multiple generations to live under one roof.

When it comes to new residential home construction, we are noticing an increase in the incorporation of in-law suites in the home design. Some home designs are even including master bedroom suites on the first floor as well as on the second floor. This allows any aging adults the ability to live comfortably without having to worry about climbing stairs at the end of the day.

Mudrooms and Flex Rooms

What was once the hall closet is now being replaced by mudrooms with a myriad of organizational storage features like hooks, cabinets and cubbies. They make coming in and out of the house much more convenient and minimize the amount of dirt that can be tracked throughout the home.

Flex rooms can be used as offices, libraries or parlorsMany of the newer homes are including what is being called a “flex” room. Homeowners are using these spaces as offices, libraries, and/or parlors. Often located off a front hallway or entryway, they can be left open or closed off with pocket doors or French doors.

If any of these residential home construction trends have sparked an interest or given you some ideas about your home renovation or new home construction project, give us a call. We can assist you in formulating a new or renovated home design that is comfortable, functional and keeps the future in mind. If you already have an architect, we can work with him or her to help you realize your dream home design. Click here to schedule a consultation now.