Consider the Many Advantages of New Home Construction – Part 1

New construction lets you customize your dream home

If you are in the market for a new home, don’t limit your search possibilities to just existing properties. Existing home inventory is low right now and while new home construction is also in high demand, building a new home gives you greater control in the process and the outcomes. New construction is not only exciting, but it can also be an affordable way to incorporate your tastes and lifestyle into the home of your dreams!

In this first of a two-part blog, we look at the many advantages of new home construction to help you know what to consider and expect during the process.

We will examine how you can be involved in choosing a floor plan and the overall interior finishes. In part 2, we review new and exciting features and components that you can include in your new home that will provide you with energy efficiency and smart technology.

Overall New Construction Design

When you work with a custom builder like Prominent Builders and Design, you have a wide range of involvement in the overall home design. Our design consultants will work with you to identify the right floor plan, and then adjust the design based on your input. Before looking over possible floor plans, it is helpful to have answers to the following questions:

  • What do you want the square footage of the home to be?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
  • Do you want a single-story or two floors?
  • Do you want extra rooms like dens, lofts, or an office?
  • What size garage do you need?

When you have a basic idea of what you want in the home, it is easier to narrow down the type of floor plans that might suit your needs. Keep in mind that some neighborhoods or land purchases may require a minimum square footage for any home built, along with specific style and design guidelines on the exterior. If you have more flexibility, then you can work with a design consultant like the ones at Prominent Builders and Design to plan the style and look of your home’s exterior, such as siding, stone, brick, type of roof, etc.

Designing Your Home’s Interior

One of the more enjoyable tasks in building a new construction home is choosing your interior finishes. There are so many directions a homeowner can go with their finishes, and a lot depends on their individual tastes, future plans for resale, and, of course, budget.

Some of the key finishes you will be involved with include the following:

  • there are a wide range of flooring choices when remodeling a kitchenFlooring: Flooring choices range from laminates, hardwoods, tile, carpeting, and even newer trends like stamped cement floors.
  • Countertops: Stone products like granite and quartz are very popular choices for homeowners because of their durability and appeal. However, synthetic countertops like Corian® have really improved and offer a variety of colors and styles.
  • Cabinets: Choosing cabinets that you like and are durable over time is important because it is one item in the home that does not get replaced that often. Make sure to be very comfortable with your final choice in cabinets.
  • Fixed Lighting: Accenting your home with fixed lighting such as recessed and pendant lights, gives you the ability to have a variety of lighting options.
  • Determine your end goals and budgetPaint colors: Choosing more neutral colors in the home gives you a lot of flexibility with your decorating and furnishings.
  • Bathroom fixtures: In the past, new homes were built with more uniformed approach, using similar fixtures throughout the home. Today you have more options and it’s okay to utilize different fixtures throughout your different bathrooms.
  • Doors and door hardware: Modern doors and hardware can really do a lot to change the look of a room and the home.

Making choices for interior finishes can be overwhelming which is why it is helpful to work closely with a design consultant during this process. Make sure to look at as many samples as possible so you are comfortable with all of your choices.

If you have chosen an overall floor plan and identified your interior finishes, you have made major progress in the realization of your dream home. In Part 2, we will continue to look at the advantages of new home construction with a focus on energy efficiency and technology.

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