Is Your Home Ready for Spring?

With the first day of spring upon us, now is the time to start sprucing up the home to shake off the dullness of winter. As you plan your spring-cleaning routine, why not add some home-sprucing tasks and get the house in shape for the warmer weather? In this month’s blog, we share some tasks to consider for post-winter enhancements.

1. Windows

Chances are your windows look grimy after a winter of moisture and cold. Investing in a good extension squeegee and lint-free rags is an easy way to clean your windows. Grab a bucket and some mild detergent and get started on the windows. Make sure to brush out the insides of the tracks and wash your screens. Dry the windows with lint-free cloths to get a streak-free shine.

If your windows are aged, you may want to consider complete window replacement. There are many options for lighter, more energy-efficient windows that will improve your home’s overall look, value, and energy efficiency. Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in this endeavor.

2. Weatherstripping

Sometimes the cold weather of winter will cause your weatherstripping to crack or break. Check the stripping around your exterior doors and windows. Replace any weatherstripping as necessary, and make sure to caulk any seams that may be exposed. Weatherstripping is inexpensive but can be helpful when trying to conserve energy inside the home. It will also keep out pesky bugs and critters as the weather warms up.

3. Pressure Washing

Depending on your home’s siding material, you may want to walk the exterior of the home to determine if it needs a good pressure wash. Mold, mildew, and dirt may accumulate from winter weather, and a good pressure wash can make it look new. Include your driveway, patios, sidewalks, and any outdoor decking.

4. Grout Repair

Homeowners often neglect the grout in the bathrooms and other tiled areas. Over time, the grout may develop hairline cracks, and water damage can occur. Grout repair kits are inexpensive and give you the tools to remove any old grout and regrout cracked or exposed areas.

5. Smoke Alarms

It never hurts to check and/or replace your smoke alarm batteries once a year. If you have a battery tester, test the charge on the existing batteries. If it is low, then replace the battery. Make this an annual task to ensure your home is always kept safe.

There are many other ways to get your home ready for spring. Our five suggestions will give you a sense of accomplishment and get your home well on its way to being “warmer weather ready.”

In the process of sprucing the home, if you decide that you would like to consider any larger home improvements to your kitchen, bathrooms, windows, doors, patios, or flooring, contact the experts at Prominent Builders and Design. We can consult with you and identify ways to work on home improvement projects that meet your needs.