Preparing for the Big Renovation

plan ahead to minimize disruptons during a kitchen renovation

There is nothing more exciting than a finished renovation project in your home.  Whether it is an updated bathroom, or a full kitchen remodel, stepping into the newly renovated space is a great feeling!  But keep in mind, the journey to the final product is not always as easy as the finished masterpiece.

In this month’s blog, we cover how you can prepare for an upcoming home renovation project.  Not only are there important considerations for physically preparing for the renovation project, but you may also want to think about your emotional and mental preparation.  We will explain that later.

First, let’s talk about the things that you need to do to physically prepare for the remodel.

Physical Preparations

Depending on the size and scope of the remodel project, you may be able to handle all the physical prep yourself or if you are working with a contractor, they will go over what’s necessary as part of the contract process.  This is important to review with your contractor before the “demo” day so that there are no misunderstandings about who and what is necessary to get an area ready for remodel. When working with Prominent Builders and Design, we will be communicating with you each step of the process. Packing before beginning the renovation

  • Removal of Items/Furniture: You never realize how much “stuff” you have until you have to relocate it temporarily from one section or room of your home to another space.  Here are some tips on removal of items and furniture:
    • Document lists (written or photographic) of items that are being relocated
    • Label and box items in a logical manner
    • Keep items that you may need frequently in an easy to find area of the home
    • Use the remodel as an opportunity to “purge” and donate items that you no longer use or need.

When you have to remove items for a specific remodel area, keep in mind that those items temporarily take up space in another part of your home. Moving items to a spare bedroom, or the garage are good options for short-term storage.

  • Temporary Space Replacement: The two most common interior remodel projects are bathrooms or kitchens, with flooring usually being a component of those projects as well. When those spaces are “out of us,” you will need to get creative on how you set up a temporary bathroom or kitchen.
    • If you have only one bathroom in your home, you may need to consider staying with friends, relatives, or a hotel. Living without a bathroom for several weeks is not feasible unless you are going to rent a Port-o-Potty and use the garden hose for showering! We don’t recommend that approach! If you have other bathrooms, you may need to adjust schedules if more family members are sharing the bathroom.
    • With kitchen remodels, you will need to consider a whole new way of storing food, cooking your meals, and cleaning. There’s always the option of dining out or take-out.  Keep in mind that you may be losing your refrigerator, cooking surfaces, and of course, your sink.  Microwaves are handy during this time, as well as using disposable plates and cups.
  • Dust, Dust, Dust: Every remodel project usually results in some dirt and dust before it’s all over. Discuss this with your contractor prior to the demo day. Make sure there’s a plan to address the dust and dirt that is bound to happen.
    • Dust Prevention: If there is significant dust, most contractors will build that into their costs to install protective barriers like plastic zip walls, or taping and covering of ducts and vents, etc. We will certainly discuss this with you before we provide you with a contract for your home remodeling project. Remember, despite best efforts to apply protective measures, you will still have dust!
    • Floor and Wall Protection: During a home remodel project, craftsmen may be coming and going frequently into your home. They will usually be bringing in large equipment that can damage your floors. Discuss floor and wall protection with your contractor. We can put down different types of runners to protect your floors but expect them to be down throughout the entirety of the project.  Runners are as simple as heavy brown paper taped down to thick cloth or even plastic coverings.
    • Cleaning: Our contractors will always clean as they go – so make sure to discuss how we will maintain the remodel area during the course of the project.  Contractors should be using a shop vacuum every time they complete their daily work and have a plan for final clean-up when the project is complete.
  • Other Considerations: There are a few other things that you may want to think about in preparation for the remodel.
  • Pets: If you have pets, a remodel project will definitely add a lot of stress and potential danger to them. Contractors will usually specify in the contract that pets need to be contained outside of the work area. If your pets do not like loud noises or frequent strangers in your home, you may want to consider boarding them with a boarding service or friends/family during the remodel.  If you have large enough space, you may be able to keep your pets safely in another part of the home through the duration of the project.
  • Valuables: If you have valuables, you may want to make sure they are secure.  The same goes for antique furniture and other larger items to avoid accidental damage.

There’s more physical preparation to consider but these are some of the bigger items you should plan for when remodeling your home. Now, let’s discuss a few thoughts about your mental and emotional preparation.

Mental and Emotional Preparations

It is within our nature as humans to reject change.  Small or big, we are creatures of habit and when that is disrupted it can add stress to our lives.  By proactively addressing potential stress prior to the remodel project, you may be able to alleviate some discomfort for yourself or others in the household.

  • Half Glass Full: Rather than focusing on the temporary displacement of your kitchen or bathroom as a negative, find ways to positively focus on the end result.  Recognize that you will need to make sacrifices but they will all be worth it in the end.  If you have children or other family members, try to make your temporary situation as “fun” as possible.  For example, if you have little use of your kitchen, plan nights where you grill out and have picnics in the yard or the living room!  The bottom-line is that if you approach the project knowing that it’s going to create some inconveniences but you’re above them, it will go smoother for you emotionally.
  • Patience is a Virtue: Remodel projects can last for weeks, and sometimes even several months.  Make sure you are clear on your expectations for completion and discuss this with your contractor.  Problems sometimes arise during a remodel – a delayed permit or inspection, or a broken pipe.  Be realistic about the time frame you will be inconvenienced and add some extra time into that estimate.  All contractors want to complete the work as quickly as possible so they can begin their next project, so they also have an incentive to keep the project moving along on schedule.
  • Stay Involved: By staying involved in the daily aspects of your remodel, you will be able to chart the progress and know where and why things stand in the timeline.  Ask questions.  You may even find that some of your ideas change during the course of the project so you can continue to shape the final outcome.  By staying involved and informed, you will minimize the amount of “surprises” that pop up during a project.  No one likes surprises!

Once your remodel project is complete, you can not only celebrate your new living space but you can enjoy your personal growth through a difficult situation. Give yourself a pat on the back for being able to temporarily adapt your way of life for a better end.  You may even be motivated to begin your next project sooner than later!

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