The Five Popular New Home Design Trends for 2023

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If you are planning a new home construction project starting this year or in the upcoming year, there is a lot to consider before beginning.  The choices you make for a new home, or improvements to your existing home should be dictated by your tastes, goals for the use and longevity of your home, and in some cases, the current design trends in the market.

This month’s blog highlights five popular design trends for new home construction or existing home renovations that will dominate the upcoming year.

Five Popular Design Trends of 2023

There’s little doubt that the events of the global pandemic since 2020 have had significant influence on many things in our daily lives.  These events have even influenced trends in new home construction based on changes to how we work, how our children learn, and even how we relax and entertain.

Trend #1:  Health and Wellness

This is a continuing trend from 2022.  As a result of the pandemic and the lockdowns in 2020, homeowners have turned their focus on “self-care” and finding ways to create balance in their lives from work and school.  Spaces that can accommodate home gyms, yoga, and meditation rooms, or even spa-like master bathrooms.  These spa bathrooms may include features like heated floors, steam or dry saunas, and spa-quality shower or tub experiences.

Trend #2:  Home Offices

With many homeowners working in a fully remote, or hybrid work arrangement, they want to have home offices that are up to par with being in their employer’s physical workspace.  Homeowners are abandoning the kitchen table with the laundry room as a backdrop on Zoom meetings for spaces that have built ins that communicate professionalism and productivity.  These built-ins accommodate optional computer desks, bookshelves, and high-tech solutions to deliver high-speed internet and telecom tools.

Trend #3:  Multipurpose Spaces

Homeowners no longer want specific rooms that have only one purpose.  Multipurpose rooms enable them to change configurations between being a gaming room to a large space for entertainment.  Many homeowners are using multipurpose space to allow for in-home gyms, where equipment is easily stored, and room conversions can take place.

Trend #4:  Upgraded Laundry and Mud Rooms

Organization has become a necessity for many homeowners and that organization is happening in the laundry and mud rooms.  Today’s mud rooms have more ways to store jackets, shoes, and the day-to-day happenings in a busy household.  Laundry rooms have seen more organization as well, with increased counter space for folding, more cabinets for storage, large laundry sinks, and even dog bathing sinks for the furry family members.

Trends #5:  Interior and Exterior Integration

As part of the focus on self-care, and greater opportunity for relaxation, many homeowners are blending the space between their interiors and the exterior of their homes.  Large walls with sliders that open to the outside porch or lanai are a great way to expand indoor/outdoor entertainment space.  Additionally, homeowners are installing outdoor kitchens that may include stovetops, refrigerators, and flat screen TVs.

As you begin your home construction process, make sure to consult with your Prominent Builders and Design home construction consultant about trends and the best ways to enhance your living experience.   With more homeowners spending a higher percentage of time in their living space, it makes sense to build the right experience that fits all your needs, preferences, and style. Contact us today.