What to Expect with a Home Remodeling Project

Renovation of home in Ridgewood NJ by Prominent Builders Glen Rock NJ

When you are planning a major remodeling or renovation, you are rarely focused on the downside of the project.

Most homeowners focus on their vision and how the result of their project will impact their home.  However, good planning involves being prepared for the inevitable.   There are many things that can go wrong during a renovation project that could result in unplanned additional expenses and delays.  In this month’s blog, we highlight important considerations for planning so that you are not taken by surprise and are prepared to handle any obstacles that come your way.

Let’s consider a kitchen or bath remodel, for illustrative purposes of this blog.  Every homeowner wants their dream kitchen or bath to be completed on time, within budget, and without any problems.  Unfortunately, there are factors that can get in the way of accomplishing these goals.  We focus on the following five factors below:

  1. Permitting or Inspection Delays: If your project involves certain plumbing, electrical, or structural changes, it may require a permit.  Permits should be handled by your contractor and inspections planned within the appropriate construction timeline.  If an inspector is not available, or there are unresolved permit issues, this could significantly delay your project.
  2. Unexpected Plumbing or Electrical Repairs: Even though a contractor may complete a pre-project estimate, they may overlook issues you might have with wiring or pipes.  Many times, these issues are discovered once demolition has taken place, and walls are opened or plumbing is exposed.  Not only can these issues cause a delay, but there is also always a price tag to this type of problem.  If a discovery is made that your home may need re-wiring or re-piping, this could cost well beyond the anticipated project.
  3. Unexpected Environmental Damage: No one wants to find out there is mold or uninvited pests in their homes, but many times this is discovered when walls are demolished.  Mold may have grown inside the walls from past leaks or water damage.  If mold is discovered, you will have to work with a certified mold remediator to eradicate the situation.  This may involve extra tasks that were not planned and increase the cost.  There is a slight silver lining to this issue – most homeowners’ policies have coverage for mold and water damage, and you may be able to get assistance from your insurance company.  Finding pests like termites could end up being very costly to cover extermination, and protection before moving on with the project.
  4. Supply Chain Delays: An unfortunate reality of today is the problems the country is having with the supply chain.  Your remodel project may be impacted with delays on various appliances for your kitchen, plumbing fixtures, and even flooring supplies.  If the choices you make are not available, be prepared with second choices or you may need to delay your project for an unknown period.
  5. Poor Workmanship: Your contractor may find various trades to handle different aspects of your project.  If those trades are not qualified, you may experience damages or poorly installed elements within your project.   Poor workmanship becomes re-work, which then impacts the inspection and completion timeline. With Prominent Builders and Design, you will find that the contractors we use are some of the best in the industry.

Remodel projects always have a high degree of stress for the homeowner.

Help reduce your stress by having a comprehensive plan that addresses the potential obstacles you may encounter.  Keep in mind these four final thoughts on how to be better prepared for the inevitable:

  • Maintain good communication with your contractor before and during the remodeling process. Discuss what leverage you want to provide to your contractor to make decisions on your behalf and keep on track with the timeline and problems.
  • Budget for unplanned expenses by having additional money set aside. A rule of thumb is to have an additional 10-15% of additional money in the event of unavoidable expenses.
  • Work closely with your contractor to thoroughly and properly assess your project, vet sub-contractors, and develop an accurate timeline and cost estimate.

In the end, it’s always best to prepare for the worse (delay and costs) and hope for the best (in budget and on time)! Want to discuss your remodeling project with the professionals at Prominent Builders and Design? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.