What’s Trending in New Home Design?

Over the past several years, the advance of technology and the desire to create more functional living spaces has resulted in several distinct trends in new home design. Whether you are raising a family, downsizing, or any point in between, you may be looking to build or renovate a home. We have put together some of the latest trends in home design to assist you in selecting the features most important to you.

Many of the latest trends are continuing to be driven by the desire to create living spaces that are designed to bring people together. You will see many of the same things that have driven design over the past years, only with a new twist or added technology. Here are several we wanted to mention:

  1. Overall Architecture: The architectural trend in housing is leaning toward more of an industrial look over the traditional. It’s defined by incorporating asymmetrical forms into the design along with the use of fixtures made from iron, wood, and aluminum, to name a few. Lines are simple. The design leans toward minimalism.
  2. Home Automation: This trend isn’t new, it’s just been advancing over the past decade. Pretty much anything in the home can now be automated – temperature, lighting, entertainment, appliances, security, etc. With a greater concern over reducing consumption of energy and natural resources, smart homes are the wave of the future (click here to read our article on smart home features). Planning ahead in your new home design can allow you to incorporate many of these automated features.
  3. Open, Multipurpose Rooms: Living space is being redefined with the desire to have rooms suit the needs for different functions. For example – opening up the space by joining the living room with the kitchen area allows you to be closer to family and guests. It also links the décor and allows you to gain space and light. You don’t need to limit this to the living room and kitchen. Connecting other rooms, like the kitchen and a terrace can very easily give you that open-space feeling.
    open floorplan for multi-use
  4. Kitchens with Prominence: This isn’t a new trend; it’s just going grander. Homeowners are opting to build larger kitchens. They are connecting them with the dining room, the living room, or both. “Zones” are used to separate the spaces while the area maintains an overall open feeling.
  5. An Oasis for a Bathroom: When it comes to the bathrooms in a new home building project or a bathroom renovation, relaxation is the focus. Through design and décor techniques, bathrooms are becoming more spa-like. Fixtures like saunas and whirlpools are coming to the forefront once again. When it comes to decorating, white or light colors are being used to translate into a clean and calm atmosphere. Showers are taking on a different look, too, especially if you are looking to “age in place.” (read our article on aging in place)
  6. More Natural Light and Less Noise: Depending on where you live, noise pollution can be a very real thing. By incorporating noise-dampening materials, you can minimize the noise from the outside. Natural light has also become a major desire of homeowners (see our article on how to bring more light into your home).
  7. Design Elements: Floors and walls are taking on new looks, as well. Decorative elements are being incorporated into tiles. From tile to wood to laminate, flooring materials are providing new ways to enhance the overall look of the room.

These seven items certainly don’t reflect all you can do to build or renovate the home of your dreams. Let the professionals at Prominent Builders and Design assist you in sorting out all the options available on the market.

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