The major steps you will take on your path to building a custom home – Part 1

Congratulations! You just took a big step and signed the contract with Prominent Builders and Design to move forward with building your new custom home!  Before you get started on the next phase of this journey, it’s helpful to be know what to expect during the various stages of the construction process.  In this two-part blog, we outline the major steps you will take on your path to building a custom home.

Phase 1:  Design and Planning

One of the exciting steps in the custom building process, is getting the opportunity to design your new home.  When you work with Prominent Builders and Design, you will be assigned a Design Consultant who will walk you through this phase step-by-step.

The design and planning phase involves making many choices about the architectural make-up of your home as well as the exterior and interior design details.  It’s always beneficial to start with an architectural template of the home and make any personalized modifications.  An example of an architectural modification might be conversion of a bedroom into an office space, or the counter layout of your kitchen area.  You will also be involved in choosing exterior finishes and details for the home.

Flooring type and paint colors are important choices when planning new constructionOnce you have ironed out the architectural changes, it’s time to start picking the various interior finishes for the home, which include items such as:

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets and vanities
  • Countertops
  • Trim work like baseboard and crown moldings
  • Bathroom tile and fixtures
  • Doors and hardware
  • Paint colors

There are many choices to be made in this stage of the process.  Sometimes you may change your mind along the way – make sure to check with your consultant on what type of changes you are able to make after the construction begins.

Phase 2:  Laying the Foundation

When your new home construction is ready to get started, the first step is going to be laying the foundation. This involves clearing the lot of any trees or debris and possibly leveling it for where the home will sit. Or, if there is an existing home on the property, it will include razing and removing the structure so the lot can be redeveloped. Once the lot is cleared, the home will be staked out and carefully measured to prepare for the foundation.   In some areas of the home, you will notice pipes for the plumbing being laid prior to the concrete being poured.  Depending on the type of construction you have for the home, you will also see various types of reinforcement prior to the slab being constructed.

When all of the site is prepped, the concrete foundation will be poured and leveled and you will start to see the shape of your new home!

Phase 3:  Framing

Once the concrete slab has properly cured, it’s time to start adding some walls to your home.  Depending on the type of home you have, such as concrete masonry, this will determine how the home is framed.  Many homes use a mixture of concrete, cinderblock, and wood framing.  If you have a basement, the basement will be framed in concrete and cinderblock, then it will depend on your specific construction what the remaining walls will be.  Many homes use cinderblock for the first level, and frame the upper level(s) with wood.  During this phase, you will begin to see the exterior outline of your home, along with interior framing as well.  You may also begin to see “rough ins” for things such as vents, ductwork, and possibly electric.

When you have reached the framing stage, your new home’s construction is well underway.  The most important issue of concern at this point will be the weather … Will it impede the speed at which the home can be closed from the outside elements?  We will keep you informed all along the way.

In next month’s blog, we will look at the remaining stages of the new home construction process and review how you will play a role in those stages with your construction consultant.

If you haven’t signed on with a contract yet, but you are thinking of building a new home, give us a call. The professionals at Prominent Builders and Design are more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have about the construction process. Contact us today.