Home Renovation Projects: What’s the Best Season for Renovation?

What is the best season to start a home renovation project

You want to make changes to your home, but you’re not sure of when you should tackle the endeavor. When it comes to home renovation projects, timing is important. For specific projects, it just makes sense that they would be completed during certain times of the year. With a little pre-planning, you can make those much-needed home renovation ideas a reality.

Fall —

  • Fall is a good time to replace doors and windowsDoors and Windows: This time of year, think about preparing your home for the winter months. Replacing entrance doors, storm doors, and windows in the fall make sense. Not only will you end up with a home that’s more comfortable, you will receive some good energy-savings.
  • Roofs and/or Siding: Most people replace these items during the summer months, but there are many advantages to handling this time of home renovation project during the fall. Material and labor costs tend to be lower this time of year. Late spring and early summer is also an excellent time to have roofs and siding replaced.
  • House Painting: The temperatures are perfect for painting a home during the fall months. In fact, paint manufacturers recommend it be applied when temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees and not too humid.
  • Deck or Patio Replacement: Fall, late spring and early summer are all optimal times for replacing or adding on a deck or patio. Material costs are lower these times of the year. Labor is also more readily available.

Winter —

    • Kitchen Remodel: The winter months are actually slow when it comes to renovating a kitchen. Most homeowners rush to get this type of remodeling project done before the holidays. Waiting until winter can save you some money on materials. Again, labor is more readily available this time of year. The cost savings from having the work done in the winter may mean you will have the extra money in your budget to add that wet bar or wine refrigerator to your kitchen
    • Bath Renovation: Winter is the prime time to remodel your bathroom. You will benefit from a season cost-savings not to mention more and better product selection.
    • Other Room Remodels/Additions: Just like kitchens and baths, winter makes remodeling or adding a new room to your home the ideal time. Finish off your basement. Add that media room. The sky is the limit with interior remodeling work.
      convert your basement into an entertainment center

Spring —

  • Decks and Outdoor Living Spaces: Spring is the opportune time to complete any type of exterior improvement or renovation project. Build or add onto your deck or patio. Create the outdoor kitchen and living space you always dreamed of owning.
  • Upgrading the HVAC System: Before the hot days of summer set in, you may want to upgrade your air conditioning system. If you wait until summer, HVAC specialists are most likely going to be booked solid.
  • Roofs, Siding and Other Exterior Projects: Just like in the fall, this time of year is perfect for completing these types of projects.

Summer —

  • Window Replacement: The summer is probably even more opportune for window replacement than the fall. Many manufacturers lower their prices around June and July, making it an ideal time to order and replace the windows.
  • Furnaces and/or Fireplaces: It’s much easier to schedule furnace and fireplace work during the summer months than to wait until it gets chilly to tackle heating-related projects. Always wanted a gas fireplace installed? Summer is the perfect time to complete a fireplace installation project.

With almost all of these types of home renovation projects, the professionals at Prominent Builders and Design can assist you every step of the way. We can help you conceptualize your new living space, will obtain all the necessary permits, coordinate and work with the specialty contractors, and see the project through to a satisfactory completion.

Here are some of the suggestions we have for any remodel project:

  • Go timeless. Rather than choosing products according to the latest fads, keep it simple. For example, stainless steel appliances will retain its look and value. Likewise, well-constructed cabinetry in the bathroom is an asset.
  • Budget carefully. If you do your homework and pre-plan, you can create a budget that makes sense, not only for your finances but for the return on your investment.
  • Consider energy efficiency. So many home renovation projects give you the opportunity to save on energy costs. The design professionals at Prominent Builders and Design can help you select the right appliances, fixtures and equipment for energy efficiency.

One last note. When it comes to any home remodeling project, you will want to trust the work to a contractor who is experienced and cares about making sure you are happy with the end result. The professionals at Prominent Builders and Design have a long track record of success. Our clients are well-pleased with their new living spaces. With our assistance, they now have the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams. We’ve completed entertainment centers, media rooms, decks, new landscapes, poolscapes and more.

The team at Prominent Builders has been part of helping homeowners renovate their homes for over 25 years. We stand ready to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

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