Spring Forward! Time to Spruce Up

Power-washing your home exterior and driveway is a good spring project

Daylight Savings Time is once again upon us and it is time to Spring Forward!  Now is also the time to start planning how to spruce up the exterior of your home from the cold winter!  Spring is about bright colors, light, and renewal, so why not turn those same ideas into exterior home improvements.

In this blog, we look at projects you can tackle in the next few weeks to revitalize your home and prepare for warmer weather.  We break down some ideas between smaller do-it-yourself (DIY) projects or larger projects that may require the capable help of a contractor like Prominent Builders and Design.

DIY Projects

There are many smaller projects that you can schedule into your weekends that will help to wipe away the gray of winter and get your home looking great.

  • Give the house and driveway a bath:  Pressure washing is the fastest way to remove accumulated dirt, mildew, and grime from your home exterior, window frames, exterior doors, decks, sidewalks, and driveway.  Make sure to focus on areas that collect dirt like the soffit, eaves, door and window trim.
  • Give your entryway a faceliftGive your entryway a facelift:  Take a hard look at your front entryway.  Does the door need repainting or touch up?  Would new hardware make your entry more modern?  Perhaps you may even want to consider a new door.  Fiberglass doors come in a variety of styles, including ones that have a “wood look” and can be stained to resemble a wood door.  Winter weather has a way of cracking your door insulation, so make sure to replace the weather stripping.  If you have a solid door, why not replace it with a door that has a glass insert, so you can bring more light into the interior of your home?
  • Let there be light:  Do you have coach lights or entry lights that look dated, old, or worn?  If so, why not replace them with more contemporary lighting?  At the same time, you may even add a smart light feature so you can control lights from your mobile device.  You may also want to think about adding some landscape lighting or lighting your walkway.  There are many function and style options of landscape lighting from hardwired lights to solar-powered.
  • Shine bright like a diamond:  No one enjoys cleaning their glass but as the weather warms up you will be opening up your windows more often.  Now is a great time to do a full clean.  A full clean includes the inside/outside of the glass, as well as hosing down your screens.  Don’t forget to clean any accumulated dirt and debris that is collected on your window sills and inside the window frame.Spring is a good time to give your windows and screens a good cleaning

Larger Exterior Projects

If you have exhausted your task list of DIY projects, you may want to think about a larger project that can not only increase the overall value but add more “curb appeal” to your home.  Some or all of these projects may require skilled and licensed contractors, such as our professionals at Prominent Builders and Design.  We can work with you along every step of the project to ensure it’s a smooth process.

  • Transform your driveway with brick or paversAsphalt to Brick or Pavers:  If your neighborhood is not bound by strict landscaping or HOA guidelines, think about transforming your asphalt/concrete driveway with bricks or pavers.  There are many styles and colors to choose from and you will be amazed at the visual difference this will do for your home!
  • Deck or patio additions:  If you have the space in your backyard, adding a deck or patio is a great way to improve your home’s value as well as create a new outdoor gathering spot for family and friends.  Check out our April 2019 blog “Ideas to Turn Your Outdoor Living Space into an Oasis” for more ideas and information on deck and patio options.
  • Roof Repair or Replacement:  A full roof replacement is a large and costly project.  The typical roof may last about 20 years, depending on the type of materials and the climate.  If you opt out of a full replacement, make sure to have your roof inspected on the inside/outside and have any necessary repairs done so that your home is ready for springtime showers.
  • Gutters:  Before April showers start, now is the time to have a professional examine your home for roof runoff.  Do your gutters provide adequate runoff of rain to ensure that you do not have water intrusion at the foundation or collection of water on your roof?   Are your gutters rusty or damaged?  Now is the time to replace them with new and efficient gutters, along with leaf and debris protection.

There are many other projects to consider for the exterior of your home.  Contact us at Prominent Builders and Design today to schedule a consultation with one of our home improvement specialists.  We can walk the exterior of your home and provide recommendations on projects that will enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Give us a call at 201-634-1500 and get a jump on Spring today!